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Collection and Recycling of Small Rechargeable Batteries

Since the revised Law for Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources ("revised recycling law") came into effect on April 1, 2001, battery manufacturers and manufacturers of electronics devices that use batteries have been legally obliged to collect and recycle used small rechargeable batteries.
Maruyama's battery-powered sprayers use this type of battery, so to achieve compliance with the revised recycling law, Maruyama has become a member of the Japan Portable Rechargeable Battery Recycling Center (JBRC) and is actively involved in the battery collection and recycling activities of this organization. Maruyama requests the support of all customers in our battery recycling activities.

Guide to Collection and Recycling of Small Rechargeable Batteries

Small rechargeable batteries subject to recycling

Batteries subject to recycling are labeled with the above identifying mark or characters indicating that the battery should be recycled.

How to recycle batteries

Place the batteries to be recycled in the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Box at cooperating stores. Batteries can also be returned to the store from which you purchased your Maruyama product, or any Maruyama sales office. See the JBRC website for a list of cooperating stores.

Cautions when bringing batteries in for recycling

Shorting of the battery terminals might cause the batteries to emit smoke or catch fire. Be sure to isolate battery terminals by covering them with tape. Note that rechargeable lead-acid batteries cannot be recycled under this system.


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