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120 Years of Progress (Our History)

1895 Maruyama Mfg. Co., Inc. is founded in Takada, Niigata Prefecture and begins manufacturing and selling fire extinguishers.
1918 Maruyama begins manufacturing and selling manual sprayers.
1933 Maruyama develops a horizontal triple-cylinder power sprayer.
1935 Maruyama begins manufacturing and selling power sprayers.
1937 Maruyama Co. reorganizes and is reborn as Maruyama Mfg. Co., Inc.
1952 Maruyama's Inage factory receives permission to use the JIS mark.
1956 Maruyama develops a forcibly activated flat valve system sprayer.
1958 Maruyama develops the world's lightest forced-valve high-speed power sprayer "Hope".
1961 Maruyama develops the world's first backpack power sprayer "Cherry".
1961 Maruyama is listed on the 2nd Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1962 Maruyama independently develops a carpet sprayer
stereo sprayer
boom sprayer
brush cutter
and transfer machine
1964 Maruyama develops a carpet duster.
1967 Maruyama develops an industrial pump (August).
1968 Maruyama beings exporting industrial pumps (March).
1977 Maruyama is listed on the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1979 Maruyama starts using industrial robots.
1985 Maruyama begins using a CAD system.
1986 Maruyama begins manufacturing 2-cycle engines.
1987 Maruyama completes construction of the Maruyama Group
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introduces FMS
and develops a seawater desalination unit.
1990 Maruyama develops an automated shuttle sprayer.
1994 Maruyama's Inage factory obtains ISO 9001 certification for its sprayers and industrial pumps and develops a high-clearance boom sprayer.
1995 Maruyama celebrates its 100th anniversary (October).
1996 Maruyama's Togane Factory obtains ISO 9001 certification for its self propelled orchard sprayer and field sprayer.
1997 Maruyama integrates the Inage and Togane factories at Togane and renames the facility the Chiba factory. (April)
2000 Maruyama develops a new environmentally friendly 2-cycle engine
that passes California's emission control standard.
2001 Maruyama's Chiba factory obtains ISO 14001 certification.
2003 Maruyama establishes as CS center.
2004 Maruyama launches sales of an environmentally friendly fire extinguisher whose fire extinguishing agent can be recycled
and develops an environmentally friendly stereo sprayer.
2005 Maruyama celebrates its 110th anniversary.

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