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How Pump Works

How Uniflow pump works, and its quintuple action sprayer.

Uniflow pump demonstrates dominating effectiveness in power sprayer for agriculture.

There are many types of pumps that offer different system, size and shape for different purposes.
We Maruyama produce pumps from small enough to fit on the palm of your hand to large enough to cover a few square meters.
The purpose of our pumps are industrial and agricultural.

What are requirements for the desirable pump for sprayer in agriculture?


■Able to spray long distance in high volume

There are many types of pumps that offer different system, size and shape for different purposes.

■Compacted sizing

Smaller the pump, smaller the sprayer can become for everyone's handling ease.

■Easy operation and maintenance

■Longevity (high endurance)

How does Unifow pump work?


As the piston moves forward, the inlet valve and the inlet valve retainer contact, and the water pressure pushes the outlet valve to send the chemical out . In the same action, the liquid is taking in.
When a piston is pulled back, the inlet valve and the inlet valve retainer separate, the chemical flows forward of the cylinder going through from inside of the inlet valve to the inlet valve stopper holes.

Why Unifow pump is perfect for agricultural sprayer.

■One way water flow
   ・High water volume intake, utilizing the inertia of the flow.

■Inlet valve is mechanically moved with reciprocating motion of the piston
  ・Possible to speed up. (logically 5,000-10,000 rpm.)
  ・Possible to miniaturize.

■No need for grease lubrication (water lubricate)
  ・No need for piston section to be greased.
  ・Prevents grease to be mixed with the spraying chemical.

■Simplified structure
  ・Easy maintenance. (disassemble, repair)
  ・Low maintenance cost.

Visible power of Uniflow pump.

Uniflow's high performance gives long reach distance to the nozzle. It can reduce the man power, increase the controlling effect and productivity.Please see Below illustration.
Using the same nozzle, Neo Ulti-flow allows the spray to go further, It can increase the efficiency and reduce the workload.

Pressure : 5MPa
Inlet Flow : 45 lt/m
Outlet Flow : 36 lt/m (20% return flow)

Neo Ulti-flow power sprayer
Pressure drop : about 4.3%
Spray Pressure : about 4.8 Mpa

Pressure drop : about 24.5%
Spray Pressure : about 3.8 Mpa

Maruyama Ulti-flow power sprayer
A round trip can cover 30 m2 field.

A round trip CANNOT cover 30 m2 field.
Unsprayed area can wither or get verminous.

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